Natarsha Belling lives and breathes News. Her passion, skill and warmth have seen Tarsh become one of Australia's most versatile and trusted Journalists and Presenters.

With more than 25 years experience, Natarsha not only presents the news on air, she is also a key team member behind the scenes, helping to produce and analyse the stories as they break live on air.

In November 2020, Natarsha was announced as the presenter and co-producer of the innovative new news service "Your Morning Agenda" available through Podcast One Australia. It's news on the go - which covers all the latest breaking news from around Australia and across the world, with expert analysis on business and finance.

It's convenient, informative and engaging and is available in your feed from 6.30am each weekday morning via Podcast One Australia or from where you find your favourite podcast.

Natarsha's previous role was with Channel 10 as a National Journalist and News Presenter across the Network's key bulletins including the Morning, 5pm, Late and Weekend News Services. Her admirable interviewing style and quick wit have seen the much admired presenter shine across a number of media platforms. Tarsh has appeared on many current affair shows such as "The Project" and "Studio 10" and has hosted radio and podcast programs and is also a sought after MC.

Like her passion for Journalism, Natarsha is also passionate about supporting those in need. She is an Ambassador for a number of charities, including The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, Dementia Australia and Vision Australia.

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Natarsha was born and raised in Mudgee in country NSW. From a young age, Tarsh loved News and dreamed of following a career in Journalism. After completing her University Degree at CSU in Bathurst, the passionate young reporter's first job was an on the road journalist for Prime TV in Orange. After 18 months, Natarsha was poached by the ABC to join its News Team in Darwin. During her adventure in the Northern Territory, Tarsh also presented her first News Bulletin at the age of just 21. In 1998, she moved to Sydney to join Network 10 and over the past 20 years has been a key National Journalist and Presenter across all the Network's News Services including the Morning, 5pm, Weekend and Late News Bulletins. Tarsh's versatility and sharp wit have also seen her shine across a number of programs including The Project, Studio 10 and The Circle.

In November 2020, Natarsha was announced as the Host and co-producer of "Your Morning Agenda". An innovative news service that covers all the latest breaking news via Podcast One Australia. It's news on the go for your convenience, that is informative and engaging with expert analysis on business and finance.

It's all your need to know to start your day and is available from 6.30am every weekday.

Natarsha is a sought after MC and Host for a variety of Corporate and Charity events. Her warm and engaging style has seen her interview some of world's most admired leaders and business entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Dame

Quentin Bryce, Julie Bishop and Nigella Lawson.


Fun times

Tarsh is a highly versatile National Journalist, News Presenter and Host. She has a wicked sense of humour and has worked across a number of News and Current Affairs Programs, including The Project and Studio 10. We all need a little love and laughter in our lives... so here's a snapshot of some of her wonderful times at Network Ten. Enjoy!


"It's hard to sum up Natarsha in a few short paragraphs. Simply put, she is peerless. I'd describe her as the consummate professional who gives her all to every situation, always thinking on her feet and always conducting herself with the highest level of integrity and competence. 

Natarsha is highly versatile and intelligent - she applies herself to every task, researches diligently and performs under pressure.

Her adaptability, strength of character and sense of humour are just some of the qualities we admire most in her.

Natarsha has a fierce work ethic, coupled with an easy going nature, which makes her a joy to work with. Nothing is a problem for her and she consistently delivers above and beyond what is initially required."

Emma Isaacs - Founder/Global CEO Business Chicks

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